This Ebook aims to help you first understand why it feels like your marriage is on the brink of divorce. What caused it? Assessment and understanding are the first steps to fixing any problem, and the first step to forming a solution. Rebuilding your marriage also aims to help readers establish a strong and solid foundation for their marriage. A strong foundation is the mark of a great and powerful structure. It’s important to know what the components are to build this solid foundation. Next, this book will elaborate on the importance of time, effort, and the little things in maintaining a relationship. Among the other topics to be elaborated on in this book is the essentiality of the balance between individuality and togetherness, how to “break the cycle”, and how to seek help from professionals. Ultimately, this 69 pages book seeks to provide practical advice and values that can help burdened individuals restore and rebuild their marriages.  


  • Ricky Johnson
    15 Jan 2021

    I was about to quit my marriage, but this Ebook luckily saved my marriage just in time. I definitely recommend it to all the people with trouble marriages.