A podcast is simply a series of digital audio files that people can download and listen to. It can be downloaded to the user’s personal devices, such as cellphones and laptops or computers. To be more specific, a podcast is an episodic series of recorded spoken words that can be all focused on a particular or particular topic, genre, or theme. In a dictionary form, a podcast refers to a digital audio file in a series form that can be found on the Internet and is available for download. This Ebook of 55 pages will give you many secrets that few people are aware of and this will allow you to reach your ultimate goal much quicker. 


  • Julian Carter
    15 Jan 2021

    I decided to try out podcasting, but quickly realised that it is not that easy to make a success from it. This Ebook gave me the edge over my competition in tips and tricks to outperform them. Highly recommended!