In this eleventh book from Meiring Fouche in the Sahara Adventure series, “Revenge of the Sabre”, the scorching Sahara sun bears down on Legionnaire Teuns Stegmann as he makes his way through the bustling streets of Algiers. A reprieve from duty in the unforgiving desert, Teuns looks forward to relaxing with friends and spending time with the beautiful Julie Lefevre.

While relaxing with his fellow Legion friends, a mysterious stranger interrupts them claiming to have news about Teuns’ long-lost brother. Teuns had joined the French Foreign Legion to find his brother, a fighter pilot shot down years ago over the desert. The stranger says Teuns’ brother is alive and wants to see him. Though his friends warn him it’s a trap, the man convinces Teuns by showing him his brother’s identification tag. Teuns decides to apply for leave to accompany the stranger, but his plans are derailed when a bar fight breaks out between the Legion men and Arabs. By the time the police arrive, and the chaos finally settles, Teuns has vanished without a trace.

Teuns finds himself captive of the villain Carlos, a ruthless Spaniard and deserter from the Legion, along with three henchmen. They give Teuns a choice. Reveal where he hid the priceless Sabre of Dutra years ago at an oasis, or his brother dies. The sabre is a sacred treasure of the barbaric Dulac tribe. Carlos plans to retrieve it and sell it back to the Dulacs for a fortune. Shackled hand and foot, Teuns is taken to the oasis in the desert and ordered to produce the sabre. With his brother’s life hanging in the balance, Teuns has no choice but to comply. Shackled and starving, he begins the long and arduous journey across the Sahara with Carlos and his gang of violent henchmen.

As they close in on the hidden sabre at a remote desert oasis, tensions rise among the men. Trying to stall them and form an escape plan, Teuns cleverly manipulates Carlos’ henchmen to turn on one another. One by one they meet their demise, until only Carlos remains. But with Carlos growing ever more unstable and brutal, Teuns realizes that his own death awaits, whether or not Carlos gets the sabre. Just as Teuns sees his chance to flee, a massive force of three hundred Dulacs arrives, intent on reclaiming their sacred sabre. Their sheik insists Teuns reveal the sabre’s location, but won’t release him until it’s safely in Dulac’s hands.

Trapped and out of options, Teuns must tap into every ounce of Legion resourcefulness to survive and hatches a brilliant but desperate scheme. If he can precisely execute every step, he just might have a slim chance at escape. But timing is everything, and the odds are stacked heavily against him. One false move could mean capture, torture, and certain death at the hands of the barbaric Dulac tribe. When all seems lost, Teuns plays his final trump card in a daring gambit for freedom. Will his bold plan pay off before the Dulacs catch on and attack? Will Teuns live to fight another day in the French Foreign Legion? Can he protect the sabre’s secret and evade the Dulacs’ wrath? As enemies close in on all sides, Teuns faces the ultimate test of courage in this non-stop thrill ride under the desert sun.

With non-stop adventure and a narrative as scorching as the Sahara sun, “Revenge of the Sabre” is a must-read for fans of Fouche’s thrilling saga. Teuns Stegmann faces challenges that push him to the very limits of courage and endurance in his quest to uncover the truth about his missing brother. But in the unforgiving wastes of North Africa, even one false step could spell disaster. Follow Teuns into the breach as he navigates a perilous web of treachery, betrayal, and war in a fight to survive the deadly traps of those pursuing the mystical Sabre of Dutra. Action, intrigue, and drama blaze across every page, transporting readers directly into the dangers and delights of Fouche’s vivid Saharan world.


  • Pieter Haasbroek
    10 Apr 2023

    Dr. Frans Alwyn Venter (27 November 1916 - 8 July 1997) grew up in difficult times. The periods when he farmed, it was mainly during the depression years and he had to endure various droughts on top of that. However, these tough years gave him the maturity and determination to come up with his wonderful stories, which are still highly in demand today and will continue to be. Nothing was easy in his life, and he had to work very hard to make it a success. He was not someone who had time for nonsense. As a kind of a loner, he did not have much regard for all kinds of groups. He nevertheless had a great appreciation and respect for nature, his language, his people, his history, and especially his fellow man. It was always a pleasure and delight for him, when he met someone, to first strike up a quick conversation with the person, to get to know the person better rather than being interested in what the person could do for him. Truly a remarkable and very rare trait that commands respect and admiration. F.A. Venter was undoubtedly a phenomenal writer, whose equal is difficult to find. His field of writing was broad and each of his books is difficult to put down before one has even finished reading it. He wrote only a few books under his name. Other pseudonyms he used for his books were Meiring Fouche, Marius de Jongh, Elske te Water, and Rene Stegman. However, he wrote most of his books under the pseudonym Meiring Fouche and quickly reached great heights, especially with his four “Trek” books, Offerland, Gelofte Land, Geknelde Land, and Bedoelde Land. His book Man van Cirene is widely regarded as the most popular and was translated into several languages shortly after its publication. In total, F.A. Venter wrote more than ninety softcover books and more than forty hardcover books! He also wrote several short stories for magazines and newspapers and his books are still in demand and extremely popular with young and old. What made him so unique as a writer was the fact that with his writing style, he had the exceptional ability to conjure up a whole story in your head with one sentence or a few sentences that you could associate with or see play out in your mind’s eye. You only need to read the first one or two paragraphs of any of his books to be immediately captivated and held captive in the given story until you have read the last page of the book. Together with excellent descriptions of all his stories, with the fewest words possible, it makes the reader look forward to reading his next book. In this Sahara Adventure series, you meet Teuns Stegmann, an extremely brave, clever, and talented South African. His brother’s fighter plane was shot down over the mighty Sahara Desert by a German pilot during World War II. Desert Arabs captured him and later killed him before he could escape. To avenge his brother’s death, Teuns then left his beautiful wine farm in the Hex River Valley in South Africa and joined the French Foreign Legion in North Africa. There he quickly made great friends with a Pole, an Italian, an Englishman, and a German. Together, the five of them had to face the mighty Sahara desert with all its dangers that lurked around every corner. If it’s not the Arabs threatening their lives, it’s some crazy professor who wants to use secret gas to wipe out their Foreign Legion soldiers. With one exciting and action-packed adventure after another coming their way, it is Teuns Stegmann’s brilliant mind and incredible bravery that repeatedly save them from trouble. This series of forty books in the Sahara Adventure series, written by F.A. Venter under the pseudonym Meiring Fouche, will stay with you forever. It is without a doubt a Sahara series of stories without equality that both young and old can enjoy. So, if you like stories that are top-notch and set in the mighty and deadly Sahara desert, then this series is just for you. It is so well-written that you will want to take it out of your story bookcase every five years to reread and enjoy it all over again. With a warm cup of coffee or a glass of wine in hand, there is nothing that beats this series for action and adventure!