When Jack and Madeleine embark on a fateful drive through the notorious Black Forest, they unwittingly step into a malevolent realm beyond human comprehension. Their journey quickly transforms into a harrowing race against time as a raging storm bears down on them.

Seeking shelter from the tempest, they come upon an ancient castle deep in the woods. Within its shadowy chambers, eerie portraits seem to follow them and phantom footsteps approach their bed after the clock strikes midnight. Jack and Madeleine flee the haunted castle, only for it to vanish without a trace behind them. Even their parked Jeep had disappeared.

As if summoned, twelve gruesome monsters emerge from the darkness, surrounding them with knives glinting in the moonlight. Resigned to their grim fate, Jack and Madeleine share a final moment of love, before her scream pierces the silence. 

When two student geologists, James and Pierre, hear this chilling tale, they set out to unravel the mystery. Their expedition into the Black Forest quickly turns ominous as a fatal bend in the road vanishes before their eyes. With two mysteriously punctured tires, they spot a dilapidated farmhouse and enter, discovering a set table awaiting phantom diners.

A blood-curdling scream echoes, luring James entranced down the cellar steps. When the entrance slams shut, trapping them inside, Pierre’s flashlight reveals werewolf-like monsters with claws outstretched. Their fate seems sealed as screams give way to violent sounds of carnage.

These parallel tales of terror in the Black Forest will have your pulse racing. What is the source of the unspeakable evil that claims some victims while allowing others to live? Uncover the shocking truth woven throughout this masterfully crafted supernatural thriller.



  • Pieter Haasbroek
    26 Jan 2024

    This short story thriller that plays off in the ominous Black Forest, full of evil and hauntings, will keep you at the edge of your seat when reading it. Those who are looking for intense horror stories will not be disappointed.