Step into the thrilling world of the Masked Robber, a mysterious vigilante who fights for justice in the Cape Colony of the 1800s. In this third installment of the popular series, the Masked Robber finds himself in a web of intrigue and danger as he takes on new foes who threaten the safety of the colony.

It all begins when the governor attempts to appease the warring tribal chiefs on the Eastern border with gifts, much to the dissatisfaction of the local citizens. Sensing injustice, the Masked Robber emerges from the shadows to campaign the oppressed colonists against the governor’s plans. Slipping into the forbidding depths of the Castle’s torture chamber, he stages a daring rescue of his faithful servant. Yet greater dangers await as he becomes entangled in the machinations of the unscrupulous Captain Grattan and his accomplice, the smuggler Gibbons.

Posing as the newly appointed captain of the garrison, Grattan has insidious plans to entrap the Masked Robber. But he hasn’t counted on the courage and cunning of Marcus D’Southy and his sister Sylvia, who find themselves unwitting pawns in Grattan’s schemes. With lives on the line, unlikely alliances are formed as the Masked Robber and his followers race against time to thwart Grattan and uncover his true motivations. From the lamp-lit streets of Cape Town to the windswept Eastern frontier, the action never lets up. Narrow escapes, surprise twists, and moments of tenderness between the Masked Robber and his allies punctuate the non-stop drama. Through it all, the Masked Robber relies on his wits, athleticism, and sense of justice to evade the governor’s forces and turn the tables on his foes. But will it be enough to save the colony from turmoil?

Brimming with adventure and suspense, this book transports you to a long-ago era of chivalry and danger. As the Masked Robber’s breathtaking exploits unfold, you’ll understand how his legend came to inspire the oppressed. Strap in for a sweeping saga of bravery, sacrifice and last-second reversals that will keep you guessing until the final page.



  • Pieter Haasbroek
    14 Feb 2024

    If you love reading action-romance stories that play off during the Cape Dutch era in South Africa, then this book is a must-read story. The Masked Robber and his gang's adventures in their fight for justice will grip you from beginning to end.